Facing Unemployment Depression? Here’s How to Cope

Find out if there are job skills training programs in your state. Resources available for people who are unemployed can help you build new skills to make you more competitive on the job market. A good starting point is the state department responsible for unemployment benefits. But beyond helping you get employed, your loved ones’ genuine concern for you will help you get by, especially when doubts and fears are starting to set in. A cup of coffee with a close friend or a nice dinner with some former colleagues will help you let things out and spend some quality time with people who will support you. Once you are filled with their words of kindness and support, you’ll feel revitalized to finally get that job offer.

How do you deal with a long job search?

  1. Maintain Your Perspective.
  2. Stay Positive.
  3. Make a Plan.
  4. Do Some Homework.
  5. Remind Yourself It's a Process.
  6. Give Yourself a Pep Talk.
  7. Savor Your Wins.
  8. Decide What Has to be Done—and What Doesn't.

I have had 3 overcoming job search depressions lined up this week & all 3 fell thru before I even worked at any of them. At 62, with some health issues (as well as Bipolar & an Anxiety Disorder), and being recently divorced after a 31 year marriage ended, I am easily overwhelmed. Focus on what you have—close friends, good health, a place to live, a sense of humor, or whatever else is true for you—and not on what you don’t have.

How Older Workers Can Overcome Job Search Depression

Taking a few days off from an intensive project like a job search has been shown to alleviate frustration, change perspective, and spark novelty. Keeping track of the connections you’ve made, as well as the last time you contacted them and the next time you plan on contacting them, will help you diversify your job search rapidly. In today’s job market, PhDs are competing with many other applicants for the same opportunities. They were also more likely to have a higher quality of life, better mental health, and a better attitude toward their current and future employers.


Found that the longer adults in the U.S remain unemployed, the more likely they were to display signs of low psychological well-being. According to the study, one in five Americans who remains unemployed for more than a year has sought treatment for depression . The study also concluded that unemployed Americans are twice as likely to suffer from depression, compared to individuals with full-time jobs. While you’re plugging away at your ultimate goal—finding the right job—add smaller, more immediate goals along the way. Accomplishing tasks you set out to do, however small they may seem, can kick-start your confidence and motivation.

What to Negotiate in a Job Offer When They Won’t Budge on Pay

Actually it’s true but yeah I reckon it’s not an ideal lifechoice for many people. I get what you mean, I’m in the same situation and it’s exhausting beyond words. PTP exists to ensure that all of our partners make the best hiring and career decisions. But what is important is that you find ways to move forward and learn something new from every rejection you have faced. People are often hesitant to share their job search-related anxieties for fear of seeming unconfident. She has experience in the social impact space in Baltimore, Maryland, the educational museum sphere in Columbus, Ohio, and the literary world of New York City.

As such, you may find yourself between jobs—for a brief time or a… If you define yourself by your job or your salary, losing either will make you feel worthless. Feeling worthless can pervade your subconscious and seep out as depression.

Finding or Changing Jobs

It will help you stay organized in today’s very competitive job markets. Instead, surround yourself with a positive community of like-minded people where you can share honest experiences and learn trade secrets. Rejection is an inevitable part of the job search process. The real kick in the nards is that those roles where I get super close?

  • If you’re facing unemployment and dealing with depression, the desire to crawl under your covers and never leave the house again can be strong.
  • Our team is here to support you, but you should always do your own due diligence before making any investment or taking any risk.
  • Plans can be invigorating, and with the time that you’ve had to reflect, you may come upon new plans of attack.
  • But job search depression is unique in that the feelings of depression are because of the job search process.
  • The real kick in the nards is that those roles where I get super close?

It’s not a personal rejection; you just aren’t what they need today. Plans can be invigorating, and with the time that you’ve had to reflect, you may come upon new plans of attack. Now may be a great time to head your career in a new direction. With your last job, you gained experience that you didn’t have previously. One of the most stressful parts of unemployment is the uncertainty, the “what iffing,” as in, “What if we have to move into Aunt Bessie’s trailer? ” Never “what if”—it will escalate into anxiety and panic and eventually immobilize you.

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